Did you know that we begin the potty training process at 4 weeks with our puppies?  We do this by placing areas in the puppy room that they want to go in.   When we say go, we mean potty 😉  Even puppies at a very early age do not like to lay where they potty!  A large flat tray is filled with animal bedding wood pellets.  There is also a clean and dry area for them to sleep as well as an open crate to help them get used to crate training.  All things we do to help prepare them for life in the big real doggie world.

The animal bedding represents the outside.  When you take home your puppy, you receive a baggie of these pellets.  We encourage you to place them in your yard where you want your new family member to potty.  Bernedoodles are so smart!  They are easy to train when given the proper signals.  This will be familiar to what they are used to when they were with us!

Animal bedding can be purchased very inexpensively from any farm and feed store.  Please reach out to us for any more potty training tips!  As a side note, we highly recommend crate training from day 1.