Harley & Beau

We adopted “Harley” into our family Spring 2017 at the age of 6 months.  Harley is an AKC registerd standard poodle.  Her coat is a beautiful cream color with light apricot on her ears.  She resembles and feels much like a little sweet lamb.

From day one, she fit right in!  Harley gets along well with in our chaos 😉  She is very well adapted to all the kids running around and multiple other animals – including cats.  Harley is exceptionally intelligent.  Infact, one of our daughters told us that she thought she was a human trapped in a dogs body!  She understands what we say and she is very quick to be obedient.  Her eyes are a beautiful dark brown.

Harley loves to “hug” everyone.  She will come up while you are sitting and lay her head in your lap.  Our younger kids love to treat her like a baby as she loves it.  She will frequently be seen with a blanket on her while she naps or a funny hat while the kids play.

In addition to being very loving, Harley is also very athletic.  She loves to run on our 5 acres of property and even sled with the kids in the wintertime!  It’s hard to imagine life before Harley as she is such a doll!

Beau is our F1b Bernedoodle.  He and Harley will be bred together towards Fall 2020.  We do anticipate beautiful F1b.b Bernedoodles from these two amazing dogs!
Beau is available as a stud dog. Beau (brown ears) is pictured below Harley’s photos.  Please inquire for more info.
Beau was born Feb 2019.  He is CKC registered.  F/F furnishings confirmed, very curly coat and doesn’t shed at all.  He is a parti color and is sure to produce very attractive markings with his puppies!  His parti brown markings have not faded.
Beau is PENN HIP certified testing above the 90th percentile.  Genetically DNA health tested and from Paw Print Genetics in the “Bernedoodle Panel” and cleared in all diseases relating to his breed.
We love our Beau <3


Our F1 Bernedoodle female, “Abby” is beautiful and very sweet.  She is our perfect family dog.  Her coat is tri-colored with a very unique brindle pattern.  We get stopped frequently when out as people comment on how beautiful she is!  She comes from a very healthy bloodline.  Both her mom (standard poodle) and her dad (Bernese Mountain dog)are AKC registered and health checked.  Abby is very intelligent and non-shedding.  She is so patient with all of our kids jumping all over her!  She loves to lay completely flat on her back for a good tummy rub.

She has the perfect combo of calmness from the Bernese and intellect from poodle side. House training her came easily.  She knows multiple tricks and loves to please.

Abby is energetic and loves hikes and runs.  Yet, when it’s time to relax, she is the perfect little snuggler!


Jackie is our F1 Bernedoodle from one of our previous litters.  We decided to keep her because she is such a great dog!  Her coat is beautiful and when grown out produces perfect poodle-like curls.  Her coat is a gorgeous black with white highlights.  Jackie loves the outdoors, hiking and even boating with us!  She is very intelligent and has been easy to train.  She is very socialized with other dogs (loves the dog park!), kids and even cats.  Jackie loves being crawled on by even our littlest of kids – 1 year old grandson.