Beginning at 4 weeks, we use wood pellets in a litter box.  This is the beginning stage of effective potty training.

Where do we buy our wood pellets?  At any tractor or farm store.  It is MUCH cheaper than at a pet store!  Expect to pay about 6.00 for a 45lb bag.  We simply use a cat litter box.  From day one, they begin to potty in the litter.  Once it is used, they will identify that place as their potty spot.  The amazing thing is that YOU CAN DO THIS when you bring your puppy home!  It will help them transition easier (and also be easier on you!)  For every month puppy is old, they can hold their potty for one hour.  2 months old?  They should be able to hold it for 2 hours.

If you want to designate a specific place in your yard as their potty spot, simply dump the used pellets in that place!  Show them where they used pellet are and you then have a puppy that will prefer to go in that spot!   They are wood and non-toxic!  It is truly SO easy and obviously makes a cleaner yard!

You can also set up a “play-pen” for your little pup.  It is a safe play area which should contain their small litter box with wood pellets, a clean and soft blanket, a crate (with door removed or open), water and puppy food and a few chew toys.  This is especially convenient those first few months as everyone adjusts.

Potty training made easy!